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Cats & Sinks

One Lucky Kitty

X posted to harrisonwhores

George, he's what's for dinner!

This Reminds Me Of My Oogie

Rubick's Cube Kitteh

I bet it keeps him occupied for hours!

Run For Your Lives!

It's the ninja kitties!

Mutchka has something to say

Beatles + lolcats = "LOL Together"

The video of "LOL Together" from my March 15 concert with ebenbrooks is now up on YouTube:

"LOL Together" video.

Commenters have said "One of the best videos on this here series of tubes" and "This video is made of so much win I cannot begin to express it."

"LOL Together" lyrics.

It's been linked from the I Can Haz Cheezburger news blog, Extra Cheez.

I am having a really, really good day.

Queen Tiayci

Dr Who Macros